February 22, 2024

Napoli absolute favourite against AZ in Europa League

The Italian Napoli pleases the football fan. This club is all passion. Already on the street, you notice that the club is alive in Naples. Anyone who comes close to the stadium will feel that feeling growing.

Napoli, the club of the beautiful blue outfit where currently Dries Mertens, who played in the Netherlands for AGOVV, FC Utrecht and PSV, is one of the heroes. The sympathetic Fleming has become a hero in Italy but will literally and figuratively never become as big as “the one” who is still worshipped. And that does not need any explanation.

AZ can therefore try to achieve a good result against such a club. We hold our hearts. Of course, AZ can do well at halftime with a 2-0 lead, but that offers no guarantee for a good outcome because who did not think that the points were in the bag against Sparta with a 4-0 lead? And who has not seen how clumsy AZ lost the 2-0 lead against VVV from Venlo and played a 2-2 draw.

No, grumpy dominates in Alkmaar. If only because they still think they should have started a European level higher.

Napoli is, therefore, the favourite against AZ Alkmaar. Napoli did beat Atalanta Bergamo on Saturday and wants to continue that line against the Dutch. It has to go crazy if that doesn’t work.

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